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At, we believe in empowering online shoppers to make secure and global transactions without releasing their card or bank details to the public. Our platform offers a seamless solution for purchasing prepaid virtual cards using Bitcoin or USDT, ensuring privacy and confidentiality in a growing digital world where privacy means everything. With a user-friendly interface and a commitment to top-notch security measures, provides a trustworthy avenue for individuals seeking convenience and anonymity in their online transactions.

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With thousands of BTC and USDT powered prepaid virtual cards, we are actively empowering our numerous clients to shop and transact business anonymously while protecting their financial details with confidence.

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Our cards are priced moderately. We only charge 2.5% of the card value when you request a prepaid virtual card. No hidden charges ever.

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Our transactions are concluded almost instantly. As soon as payment is confirmed, you'll receive value for the cards immediately.


We take security very seriously. All our transactions are secure and your details are safe.


You can conclude your transactions on our platform 100% anonymously. We only ask for any working email address and name for account creation only. You can use any details for these to remain anonymous.


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